Stainless steel equipment production – Perugia

Stainless steel tanks

MP Inox Costruzioni in Deruta, province of Perugia, is an international leader in the production of stainless steel tanks and equipment for various industrial sectors, including:

WINE PRODUCTION: we manufacture storage tanks on legs, with honeycomb pocket, and cable pocket as well as wine tanks on legs with cylindrical body with full honeycomb membrane and fully insulated. We also manufacture fully-insulated tanks on legs without pocket, wine production tanks with bases inclined at 3% with insulated cable pocket and tanks that are always fully raised on legs.

OIL PRODUCTION: we supply storage tanks with interior coils heated by hot water or steam, and also manufacture stainless steel liners for underground tanks.

CHEMICALS, PHARMACEUTICALS AND COSMETICS SECTORS: we manufacture storage and processing tanks, heating and cooling tanks, mixing tanks for pastes, liquids, semi-liquids, granulated and powder products, with or without stirrers, and of small, medium or large capacity. We also supply crystallisers and dissolving tanks.

FOOD PRODUCTION: we produce sterile storage tanks for fruit and vegetable juices, tanks with mixer for mixing products such as: sugar syrups, confectionery, dairy products, concentrates and liqueurs. We also make fully-insulated fermenting tanks with refrigerated pockets for beer, spirits and soft-drink production.

BIO ENERGY SECTOR: we supply process tanks for storing vegetable oils for industrial and/or energy use, tanks and large-capacity silos for the storage of mineral water, reins, oil, wine, paint, etc…

We also produce stainless steel tanks for food or other requirements, which can be supplied, as required, with filters, with heating or cooling coils, honeycomb heat insulation systems or internal /external sleeves with electrical stirrers and pressurised tanks manufactured in line with national and international regulations.

We also manufacture vats, hoppers and suchlike, insulated where required.


Our company is also specialised in the manufacture of custom mixers, made according to the particular requirements of the client. Mixers break up and homogenise powder into a liquid or mix different liquids evenly together.

These machines replace traditional mixers in that they are faster, more flexible and higher performance, guaranteeing excellent homogeneity of the finished product.

There are various models which can be made in multiple sizes according to client need or the desired end result.

They are ideal for the production of creams, ice-cream, liqueurs, preserving liquids, glazes, pickles, jams, sauces and many more food items. We also manufacture mixers with double-arm, reverse mix systems, heated and insulated using our patented system.