Stainless steel plant manufacture – Perugia

Stainless steel biogas equipment

MP Inox Costruzioni of Deruta, in Perugia province, is able to supply metal design and manufacturing services for the construction of digesters for biogas systems of various sizes and heights, all made in AISI 304/316 stainless steel, insulated and covered with corrugated sheeting (various colours).

Using stainless steel protects the item from potential corrosion by chemicals present in the anaerobic digestion processes, so reducing both costs and maintenance downtime.

This ensures quality and guarantees long life for the whole system.

Even after a lifetime of 20 years, stainless steel maintains its original qualities.


Our company is specialised in the manufacture of purification plant in stainless steel or galvanised steel, as well as in producing equipment and metal components for purification plant.

We also manufacture:

Grills – Conveyor Belts – Spiral Belts – Sand Washers – Sludge Scraper Bridges, Regulated Extraction Sludge Scraper Bridges, Central Traction Sludge Scraper Bridges – Clariflocculators – Mud Thickener systems - Travelling Bridges – Grit Traps – Chain-operated Sludge Scrapers – Conveyor Foamer Systems - Rotating Distributors – Lagoon-Bottom Mud Extraction Devices – Rotating Drum Filters – Sluice Gates – Clapet Valves.