Metalworking – Perugia

Light and heavy metalworking

MP Inox Costruzioni of Deruta, in Perugia province, has a highly trained workforce for the manufacture of metal products of any dimension.

Using steel as the raw material, we design, assemble and finish light, medium and heavy products in metal.

Our company is a reliable partner for private businesses and the public sector, able to handle the 360° manufacture of metal items of all types.

Metal buildings

Our company is specialised in the manufacture of buildings in steel, a material used in numerous construction projects since the middle of the 19th century, when it replaced wood due to its highly resistant qualities for the space it occupies.

Steel, in fact, has the advantage of allowing load-bearing parts to be of modest size, so occupying less space compared with other materials, and giving the overall building a feeling of lightness.

More specifically MP Inox Costruzioni produces:

Metal prefabricated buildings, comprising a galvanised or coated metal base with side walls and roof in laminate panelling with double internal and external metal reinforcement (steel, aluminium, stainless steel), in variable thicknesses from 30 mm to 120 mm in fireproof expanded polyurethane or mineral wool.

Metal mezzanine floors according to client requirements. These provide a wide range of space options, from small floor areas to large mezzanine floors for industrial buildings that double the useable floor space.

Projecting roofs in galvanised or painted steel for erection over entrances to civic or industrial buildings, over loading ramps or as additions to existing buildings. We supply cantilever or asymmetrical solutions as well as roofs anchored directly to existing buildings. We use a range of materials from glass to ready-coated laminate.

Mezzanine staircases, fire escapes, vertical rung ladders and custom staircases. Railings and balustrades in stainless steel, which can also be fixed along the top of walls flanking flights of steps. The railings can be installed inside or outside buildings to add interest and design touches to any building.

Steel gangways: the advantages of using steel for pedestrian walkways are not only due to its technological properties, but also it makes for easy problem resolution when it comes to implementation: steel can be used to make gangways of minimal height and thickness.

We also produce designer decorative items in steel, such as furniture, tables, benches and radiators, all custom made according to designs supplied by the client.

Metalworking Services

M.P. Inox Costruzioni undertakes metalworking services such as Pressbrake bending using pressbrakes with numerical checks up to 2000 KN.

These bend laminates of up to 10 mm thickness and plasma cut metal of up to 25 mm thickness.

Thanks to the use of spacerbender machines, we are able to bend tubing, extrusions and plates of even quite substantial dimensions.

It is the high quality of our workmanship and the finish of the end product that sets us apart from the competition.